My road to becoming a pastel artist is a circuitous one. Many years of close observation of people and situations has finally found me doing what I love. Although I was a social worker for over a decade, my degree from college in graphic design and illustration serves me well as I return to painting in pastel. My strength lies in painting from observation. Creating a dynamic rendition of what I see is what I love. Although I can render something with accuracy, I strive to preserve the energy of each stroke more gesturally, all the way to the finished painting. Energy is in everything. I have always been fascinated with the many colors I see in anything. I am finding myself transitioning into more abstraction and impressionistic interpretation of what I see which includes a more courageous approach to include colors not thought to be the “true” color of my subjects.
I am a faculty member at the New Mexico Art League, and affiliated with Pastel Society of New Mexico and MasterWorks of New Mexico.
Recent awards:
2014 Corrales Plein Air Painting Event.. 1st Place,   2013 National Pastel Painting Exhibition, Sponsorship Award,    2013 New Mexico Art League Student Show, 3rd Place, 2012 MasterWorks of New Mexico Miniatures Show, 1st Place in color pencil, 2010 MasterWorks of New Mexico,  New Mexico Art League Award of Excellence.
2014 MasterWorks of New Mexico
2014 New Mexico Cancer Center, “Oases”
2014 New Mexico Art League, Year of the Horse
2013 National Pastel Painting Exhibition
2013 New Mexico Art League Student Show
2013 MasterWorks of New Mexico
2012 National Pastel Painting Exhibition
2012 Portrait Society of America
2012 New Mexico State Fair
2012 MasterWorks of New Mexico Miniatures Show
2011 MasterWorks of New Mexico
2010 MasterWorks of New Mexico
  • Pastel Artist, Portrait Painter Accomplished, talented