My interest in photography began in 1973, when I enrolled in a summer course at the University of
New Mexico. I continued my photographic studies at UNM and received a master’s degree in art in
1982. I stayed in New Mexico, the place I love, and worked for an airline for twenty-two years, until I
retired in 2005. Working for an airline afforded me long vacations and I was able to travel as a
photographic assistant with my teacher and mentor, Anne Noggle. Our friendship and collaborations took
us to Russia on six, month-long trips and to England, Eastern Europe and Italy. While assisting Ms. Noggle,
I photographed subjects that intrigued me, but I rarely ever showed or printed my own images. By the
mid to late 1990’s I nearly stopped photographing altogether, but in 2004 the digital revolution rekindled
my desire to work. Since then I have been scanning and printing thirty-plus years of black and
white negatives, and making new work. In my personal work I am mostly interested in making black and
white portraits, and photographing empty landscapes and the carcasses of abandoned places. I title the work
but prefer that the photographs speak for themselves, without my explanatory excesses. The viewers’ questions
are more informative than my answers. The camera, to me, is like a keyhole- I let my imagination interpret
the lights, shadows and textures moving on the other side. When I step aside and share the constricted
view, you will see what ‘s inside your own head.

I hope you like what you see.