I’ve had a passion for art all of my life and studied the art of languages first living in France and Spain.  After retiring and moving to New Mexico, I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico and became acquainted with a friend who urged me to study with Ray Vinella, then one of the six master painters of Taos, New Mexico. 
The PURE JOY I receive from interpreting anything on canvas is incredible.  I continue to be amazed at the transformation of an empty canvas after only one hour working with oils in Plein air or in the studio.  After spending time in COPPER CANYON, MEXICO, I delighted in bringing the faces of the TARAHUAMARA people to life.  Other places that are near to my heart are ALASKA, the haunting landscapes of NEW MEXICO  and most recently CUBA.   I am an active member of Plein Air Painters of NM, The Rio Grande Art Guild and the NM Art League.  



  • keya horn studio or plein air painter
  • oils and mixed media