Michael works with wax and natural materials related to his Navajo culture. He incorporates sand, beads and horse hair and other materials that are used in ceremonies and traditional events. Most of the colored wax he makes himself and, As a world traveler, he has collected pigments from India, Egypt and South America and Tibet.  As human beings we are all connected in one way or another.”
People are always asking about the bundles so I’ve posted a short history about them on my website.
I was teaching a workshop at Harriette Tsosie’s studio in Albuquerque. The workshop was on eco-printing. We had just gotten done steaming the bundles and we needed something to rest them on before unbundling. Harriette had this big white canvas that we used. I remember how much of an impact the white on the dark bundles had. The white canvas on dark bundles was such a strong composition that it stayed with me for sometime. The image stayed with me to the point of wanted to experiment with it. I had some eco-prints on silk that I wasn’t going to use in any projects and they were mostly waste and I didn’t want to toss them out. So I started shredding them and wrapping them in horse and buffalo hair. They looked sacred but I couldn’t really put my fingers on why. I had put a few images of the bundles on facebook when my sister made a comment of what they reminded her of.  “This takes me back to our elders, they wrap what they valued and what is sacred in a bundle and kept It close for protection and guidance.”  Janet Yellowhair
That comment sold me and I knew I had to start incorporating them into my work. We all have secrets, loved ones and memories we hold close to our hearts.