I belong to the Jemez Coyote Clan known as Walatowa, “the place.” I have lived all of my life in the Jemez Pueblo and I am a third generation potter. My lineage includes my Mother Ida Yepa, Grandmother Reyes Toya, and cousins and uncles. My mother Ida started teaching me at age 11 and I have been making melon potsand incised pottery ever since. My mother and I have been published in the Indian Artist Collector’s Guide,Indian Market magazine and In the publication SOUTHERN PUEBLO POTTERY.

As an accomplished Potter I have won many awards and ribbons which include: Walatowa Arts and Crafts Show; 2002 Blue Ribbon at Santa Fe Indian Market; First and Second place ribbons in the Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show.  In the past I have also participated in the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show and the Southwest Museum Show in Los Angeles California.

  • Native American Pottery Emma Yepa, Jemez Pueblo
  • hand coiled and incized melon pots