James’ approach to his paintings begins with a childhood memory of living with, observing and hearing stories of the various Plains Indians and their environment. He begins with a simple pencil outline sketch on canvas. Then, with the brilliant colors of his own mix of acrylics, he brings to life the subject matter of choice.It is common for him to work three to four easels at one time in creating his signature larger-than-life size pieces alongside the smallest 6×6 images.
Subject Matter is Native American Warriors of the Northern and Southern Plains. “I believe an artist can best portray the image by being well versed in the subject matter. Hopefully if I achieve this, others will be able to see the passion and power in not only the image but the pigment and flow and composition of the painting.  One of the driving forces behind my art work began as a young boy and the struggles I went through as a child. I could not read until I was 14 years old due to what was much later diagnosed as dyslexia. As a result of this personal struggle, I found that my gift of painting was something I could do very well that pleased me as well as others. I have been self-taught from a very young age.  One of the greatest strengths in my current work is the actual human life through the eyes. The look of the eyes tell the story….looking into the soul. Once I have achieved that intensity, I am satisfied with the piece. I have studied and been very inspired by the works of Charles Russell and George Catlin. They have been wonderful examples and I count it a privilege to study their work.  I have shown my work in various places to include The Heard Museum, The Pueblo Grande Museum, The Eiteljorg Museum, Colorado Indian Market, Tucson 4th Street Art Festival, Weems Art Festival, Rio Grande Arts Festival, Wheelwright Museum, and many other venues.”
“I believe that whatever an individual does in life, he should strive for a type of perfection.”
My faith and my family are very important to me.
James D. Tsoodle
  • James D. Tsoodle Native American Kiowa Artist
  • Preferred Media: Painting in Acrylics, OIls, Mixed Media
  • Tribal Affiliation: Kiowa
  • Residence: New Mexico
  • Website: https://jamesdtsoodle.com/