Fine Art Oil Painter

Keya has a non-ending passion for art.

The love of painting came after travelling to Oaxaca, Mexico and being encouraged by a friend to study with Ray Vinella, one of the six master painters of Taos, New Mexico.   The PURE JOY Keya receives from her craft is incredible and her paintings mirror her interests which are non-ending.  In the past, she has spent time in Copper Canyon, Mexico where she delighted in bringing the faces of the Taruhuamara people to life.  Also, near to her heart is Alaska and the Northwest United States, the haunting landscapes of New Mexico and the country of Cuba.

She works in Oils and lately is working on larger canvases using bold strokes with a pallet knife to create these stunning landscapes.


  • Artist Keya Horn
  • fine art oil painter Painter
  • Dakota-Santee Sioux Native American Artist