The rare prints presented today are the signed, trial prints and artist proofs all blindstamped with the printer’s mark.   

The Cates Collection came into being when Christopher Cates, a well-known collector and art dealer, started representing Preston Monongye in the 1970’s. Not only was Preston a leader in the jewelry movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, he was also recognized as a painter, sculptor and kachina carver.

In 1981, Monongye and Cates were approached to produce a poster for the 62nd Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial in Gallup New Mexico.  Thus a collaboration began between Cates and Monongye and the printer on this project and on the production of the other images offered to you today.

Preston Monongye Bio:  Born in East Los Angeles, California, to Mexican and Mission Indian parents, Monongye was adopted by a Hopi family at age seven. He was raised Hopi, speaking the Hopi language and participating in the Katsina Society. By age nine, he was already helping his uncle Gene Pooyama  saying, “He taught me how to live the ‘Hopi way,'”  Throughout his career, Hopi colors and images were prominent in Monongye’s work.

  • Artist Preston Monongye
  • fine art prints, painter printmaker
  • Hopi Native American Artist
  • 1983 62 Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial-Gallup