Spring 2017:  1st Annual Indian Arts Festival:  A decision was made to hold an Annual Spring Market called “Generations”   The premise was to to honor Native Artists that the gallery represented and to showcase the offspring of artists who were now coming into their own.  76 artists responded to the call and the 1st Annual Indian Arts Festival came into being !

Spring 2018:   2nd Annual Indian Arts Festival: Held May 5 & 6121 Artists participated. A new non-profit organization, Authentic Native Arts Association, Inc was established.

Spring 2019:   3rd Annual Indian Arts Festival:  Held May 4 & 5167 Artists participated.  Great Turnout!

Spring 2020:  May event canceled because of COVID-19.

Summer 2021:  150 artists exhibited at our July 2021 Bernalillo Indian Festival at Loretto Park, Bernalillo, New Mexico. It was a huge success.  We even made the channel 4 and channel 7 news broadcasts.

 NOTE:  ANAA Gallery near Santa Ana Casino closed  July 31, 2021.
We will be moving t a new location and working on our
Annual Spring Festival May 7 and 8, 2022 so, stay tuned!