Cheryl Arviso is a Navajo (Diné) artist from Northwestern New Mexico. She spent her childhood between her home near the San Juan River and her grandparent’s homes in Nageezi, New Mexico and Huerfano, New Mexico (Blanco Canyon Area).  At a very young age, Cheryl was introduced to the world of silversmithing by her parents J.P. Arviso and Lorraine Hesuse.

Cheryl’s style is influenced by all things that she is exposed to on a daily basis. You’ll find Navajo rug designs, some filigree techniques and in almost every piece there is a symbol representing water. This comes from her time growing up near Tótah (Three Rivers) Much of the art Cheryl creates are unique, one one-of-a-kind pieces that often express her environment.  If you’ll notice, she often sprinkles a little gold on her pieces.

  • Cheryl Arviso Native American Artist
  • Silversmith Native American Jewelry
  • Navajo New Mexico